Janitorial Services eBooks Library

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Wayne Baxtrom, The Janitorial Coach, draws from his 52 years of experience in this valuable Library of eBooks for Janitorial Services. Learn how to take your Business to new heights while avoiding common pitfalls.

99 Ways To Boost Your Janitorial Business

Wayne Baxtrom explains in detail, the procedures and processes you need to grow your business and your profits. This e-book is an easy way to follow Wayne’s leadership and build a stronger and more profitable operation.

Fight the Virus – A Guide to Sanitizing Workplaces

No one would have ever thought the rise of Covid-19 would offer a unique business opportunity, but it does. Providing customers with a sanitized building is now a great revenue producer and a helpful way to do your part to keep people healthy.

Online Marketing Secrets for Janitorial Businesses

Internet and mobile device platforms have revolutionized marketing. In this eBook, Wayne Baxtrom explains how to effectively use Digital Marketing to grow your business.

The Biggest Con of the Cleaning Business

Wayne Baxtrom explains the drawbacks of running a franchise. Buying a franchise is a bit like buying a Job, you have to pay a huge upfront fee for the privilege of working 16 hour days 7 days a week for very little income.

A New Spin on an Old Way – Janitorial Business Subcontracting

More janitorial contractors are moving from the old established way of doing business to subcontracting their jobs, often to smaller contractors. This method has many benefits, the number one being more profits. Wayne Baxtrom lays out the benefits of subcontracting.

Green Clean – Is it Real or a Hoax?

Green Cleaning is essential not only for the environment and the health of our planet but also for the health of general public. Because they say- Don’t wait for an illness to start valuing wellness!

12 Ways to Find New Business

Finding new business can be an intimidating proposition for even the most experienced business owners. Wayne Baxtrom, The Janitorial Coach, lays out concise, effective strategies for finding new clients and growing your business.

Dealing with Difficult Customers in the Janitorial Business

You will learn how to deal with customers who are impatient and extremely irritating to handle so that you can keep your business in the right direction and have strong competition with others in the market.

Email Marketing: Pros & Cons

E-mail has become one of the most popular forms of communication. An estimated 90 trillion emails are sent worldwide each year. This breaks down into 2.8 million emails sent per second. These numbers are huge, but it’s not surprising when you consider the importance of various forms of mail throughout history.

Selling Your Business, or Buying a Business to Expand

Selling: Thinking about buying a business? It can be a great idea, if you do your homework. This is a complex decision that requires a careful analysis.

Buying: Business owners decide it’s time to sell for many reasons. In all situations, the one similarity is the desire to sell your business for maximum profit.

How to Estimate Janitorial Jobs

At the core of our business we have accounts. Some are good some are so so. The real challenge is to develop all top earners to make our business as profitable as possible. Easier said than done. What I can share with you is what I have learned over the many years in the business. The goal is to bid each and every opportunity right.

12 Ways to Diversify Your Business

Here are three reasons to diversify your business:
1. Offer more services to your existing customers.
2. Out-service your competition.
3. Create new profit centers.

Wayne Baxtrom, the Janitorial Coach, provides 12 Ways to diversify your business and create new profit centers.