About Me


52 years ago this past November, I entered the Janitorial and Carpet Cleaning business. Throughout the years, many changes have taken place and are still changing today.

Recently, I have retired but I still feel the fire in my belly to stay active. The formation of this organization is purely motivated by my desire to help any and all folks making their living in the cleaning industry through coaching.

I have made a few (thousand) mistakes and I have had many success that I want to share and be helpful as I can be. 

For many years, I couldn’t break the small/medium business mindset. It took a least 10 years before I figured out how. From then on, I never looked back!

Looking forward to meeting you in the future.

I Remain,

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Send me an email, and simply put “I’m interested in this partnership” in the body of the email
and we’ll go from there. My direct email is baxtromwayne@ aol.com.

Wayne Baxtrom